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Three dedicated and passionate equestrian devotees joined forces more than 35 years ago with a goal to deliver high quality and innovative equestrian products. They envisaged developing a horse rug that was durable, comfortable and lightweight rather than accepting only the traditional designs at the time. This idea redefined the rug market and transformed the industry and the way horses are protected for years to come. From here Weatherbeeta was born and their vast expertise continued to grow. Numerous years of experience and extensive research in laboratories has gone into developing Weatherbeeta products to ensure they pass the strictest quality controls. They test and introduce the strongest and most durable fabrics, superior waterproofness and breathability and utilise computer stitching technologies to ensure they have the highest strength inseam construction. Your horse's well-being and protection, no matter what the weather throws at us, is at the heart of everything Weatherbeeta do. Over the years Weatherbeeta have taken their knowledge, expertise and testing that they developed for their rug range and adapted it to produce a quality range of other products such as horse boots, rug accessories, dog coats, bandages and saddle pads and numnahs. You can be sure whichever product you choose when it bears the Weatherbeeta brand you are buying the best. Browse our collection of Weatherbeeta products available here at Derby House.
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